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AUTHOR: R Quinn on 6/24/2024

Life if full of important things to be concerned about, some very important stuff – health, family, money. There are also little things that annoy us, things we should probably ignore, that are a waste of time worrying about. They nevertheless can stick in your craw.

The following list is the result of reaching 80 with nothing better to do and lots of time to become annoyed. 

Sorry if you find yourself on the list.

Here is what annoys me. Yup, it’s pure opinion and a bit weird, but I bet you have your own list.

  • People who don’t put shopping carts back where they belong but leave them in parking spaces or next to your car. How hard can it be to return carts? They probably need the exercise anyway
  • Have you ever been backing out of a parking space and halfway out a car comes speeding behind you? Unless you are in stealth mode they can see you, but can’t wait. 
  • Talking about parking, how annoying when you are waiting for a spot and a car flies buy and pulls into the space. That happened to me once. A women pulled in got out of her car and totally ignored me calling to her explaining I was waiting for the spot. Her arrogance made me turn red. Had my family not been in the car, I might have let the air out of her tires.
  • Closed when open tells me they don’t know how to run their business. Hey, if you are going to use a sign, use it correctly. I don’t know many nail salons that are “open” at 2:00 am Sunday, but that’s what the flashing sign says.
  • Speaking about signs, what about road construction signs still standing when the work was long ago finished. Or even garage sale signs posted all over town, but never taken down. 
  • Drivers who think turning on their directional single automatically creates amble space to cut in front of you.
  • Making a reservation on-line only to find upon arrival they haven’t checked their system and you are not reserved.
  • HumbleDollar writers who don’t engage with their readers comments. I think that’s an obligation and writers should be prepared to explain their points of view. 
  • Not updating a website. This is a relatively new annoyance. You check a restaurants online menu, get your mouth watering for the sauerbraten only to learn they have a new menu. 
  • Please stop shrinking the size of stuff. My donuts are tiny and ice cream used to be gallons. If donuts get any smaller, there will be no room for the hole. 
  • How long is the wait for a table? About twenty minutes, but you can wait in the bar – yeah, for an hour. Is it ever the twenty minutes?
  • Want to try a new service? Make sure it isn’t automatically renewed – surprise, surprise 
  • Why don’t speed limits and traffic laws apply to motorcycles?
  • My wife has a handicapped placard because of her severe back issues. We can park free of charge – why? 
  • An item is on sale 3 for $12.00, but one is $4.95. Not fair. 
  • Prescription drug ads on TV are my favorite entertainment – especially those with obese dancers promoting diabetes medication. Oh yes, love the unreadable warnings at the bottom of the screen too. Next comes the  open enrollment ads for Medicare Advantage plans.
  • An item you buy has no written assembly instructions so you have to rely on drawings. 
  • The tellers in several of my local bank branches have disappeared, but there are three people sitting at desks staring at me as I use the ATM. 
  • People you are out dining with insist on haggling over how much to tip.
  • Why can’t ATMs dispense bills all facing the same direction and why can’t they all dispense the same denominations?
  • Arms and legs covered in tattoos. I see it as not only ugly, but conforming to non-conformity. I wonder what impact wrinkles will have? 
  • Posts on social media with no basis in fact. I recently challenged such a post and the person said they had no time to check for facts. Our future may be controlled by these folks. 
  • When I was a car rally driver you could win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place trophy, I won a dozen or so, but none for participating. Participation trophy’s are like everyone getting an A, which must not feel so good to those who actually deserve it. 
  • While reading on the internet an article of interest pops up, click to read and you find you can’t till you subscribe to the newspaper or magazine –  never, just based on principle.
  • Paying $100 for a pair of Jeans that look like they were worn since invented in 1873.

 Phew, I’m exhausted. Complaining is hard work.

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