About HumbleDollar

OUR GOAL IS TO TELL you everything you need to know about money—all in one place, and without the hype and hollow promises that characterize so much financial writing.

Managing money may be simple, but it isn’t easy. Most of us struggle to save diligently, invest intelligently and figure out what will make us happy. HumbleDollar aims to help readers make rational financial decisions, especially when it comes to retirement. But we’re also acutely aware of the human side of money.

Want a happier, more prosperous financial future? We advocate a relentless focus on the things you can control. Try to spend thoughtfully, save diligently, hold down investment costs, minimize taxes, avoid unnecessary investment risk, buy insurance against major financial threats and give some thought to your heirs. And as you do all of these things, keep an eye on the big picture, so you don’t shortchange one of your financial goals or end up with a yawning gap in your insurance coverage.

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