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AUTHOR: Edmund Marsh on 6/30/2024

Last week, my family hosted my wife’s niece and family from California. The parents in this family are both in their 40s.

Prior to their visit, we resolved to ask them what plans they had made for their retirement. On their first evening with us, we were encouraged to learn they each had a pension, and were also saving additional money for retirement through their employer-sponsored plans. That was as far as the financial conversation got, except that they commented they “needed to think more about retirement.”

I didn’t have a chance to follow-up on the comment, but my wife found out the young couple knew they needed to learn more about personal finance and take action to put some plans in place. They just hadn’t yet pulled the trigger.

Yesterday, I sent them an email complimenting them on making a start and offered a few suggestions on moving forward. I added a few HumbleDollar links, including the Two-Minute Checkup.

I told them my wife and I are nosey about the finances of the people we care about, but to honest, I’m pretty curious about nearly everyone’s plans for retirement, and ready to offer suggestions if they are as lost as I was a few decades ago. I look for opportunities to bring up the topic.

What about you? Do you poke your nose into other people’s money life?

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