We are off to the hospital for surgery today and dealing with the most inefficient health care system possible

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AUTHOR: R Quinn on 7/03/2024

In an hour or so we are off to the hospital for Connie’s surgery. Frankly, I’m nervous. All surgery has some risk, but more so if you are 85. I asked the doctor to remember that while he sees an 85 year old patient, to me she is my 25 year old bride.

As if medical issues were not enough to stress you, the unbelievable paperwork, regulations, duplication of information is beyond frustrating. Medical offices can’t share info because of privacy rules. There is no coordination and each encounter means the same questions over and over.

Most of it is online, but it’s still duplication of effort, no sharing. I can’t remember how many times we have repeated Connie’s reaction to certain medications It’s just stupid and unnecessarily costly.

HINT: keep your own detailed records, request the CD for every scan, MRI, etc. note all dates of any treatment you ever had. Learn to use patient portals – remember, they don’t communicate with each other. WHY THE HECK isn’t their one portal for each of us? I know privacy. Nonsense.

The hospital sent a text outlining their cost for surgery today- $34,000. They showed what Medicare would pay and then applied a discount so the balance was $0. What are we supposed to do with this legally required info, start shopping for a better deal?

It boggles my mind that anyone can defend our current health care system and yet there are still people who call Medicare socialized medicine.

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