A CCRC is not an Assisted Living facility

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AUTHOR: mytimetotravel on 7/09/2024

Reading Richard Quinn’s recent article on 55+ communities it seemed that some of people posting comments thought that a CCRC was where you went when you could no longer live independently. This is far from the case. In fact, if you wait that long a CCRC is highly unlikely to admit you.

The initials stand for Continuing Care Retirement Community, and that continuum of care is key. Although there are different models, a typical CCRC will offer Independent Living (IL), Assisted Living (AL) and Skilled Nursing (SN), and sometimes Memory Care. I just listened to a presentation at mine on the levels of care. and while occasionally someone might be admitted directly to AL, if there is more space available than usual, almost all residents begin in IL. Some never transition: three people in my building have died recently, and all were still in IL.

I hope to spend a long time in IL, where I am meeting some great people, and where there is more than enough to keep me occupied. I am glad to know that I can spend time in SN if I have surgery, and then come back to my apartment while having on-site PT.

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