Pizza, Anyone?

Jonathan Clements

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING completely different: I’d like to try a HumbleDollar meetup on Monday, March 4, at 5 p.m. at Pizzeria Vetri, 1615 Chancellor Street, Philadelphia.

All attendees will be responsible for their own bill, but it shouldn’t be wildly expensive, not least because happy hour runs through 6 p.m. I believe Vetri has the best pizza in Philly. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, but the manager assures me that things should be quiet at that time. Be warned: Pizzeria Vetri has more than one location, so make sure you go to the right one.

If you plan to attend, please shoot me an email at That way, if there’s some glitch, I can let you know ahead of time. If the March 4 meetup proves popular, I’ll do it again over the summer—and it could even become a regular event here in Philly and perhaps an occasional event in other cities, depending on my travel plans.

For those with good memories—and there seem to be a lot of you—I had mused about holding a HumbleDollar conference. I even got as far as checking out a few venues and getting pricing. But it became clear that I couldn’t pull it off at a price point that would appeal to a broad swath of HumbleDollar’s thrifty audience. Indeed, even the excellent Bogleheads Conference—which I’d recommend—costs almost $600, plus travel, hotel room and meals, including $100 for the Saturday night banquet.

Still, what strikes me about the Bogleheads Conference, as well as others I’ve attended over the years, is that folks enjoy them less for the financial insights and more for the socializing. With any luck, pizza in Philly will (pun intended) satisfy that appetite.

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