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DURING ITS BRIEF existence, HumbleDollar has run a large number of articles devoted to kids and money. For instance, we published a series of five pieces by our bloggers devoted to what they learned about money when they were children: Growing Up (Part I)Growing Up (Part II)Growing Up (Part III)Growing Up (Part IV) and Growing Up (Part V). There were also three earlier pieces by Sam X Renick, two of which discussed what his father taught him: How to Keep All Your EarningsRaising Money-Smart Kids and Tick, Tock, Take Stock.

In addition, HumbleDollar has run pieces on helping kids financially, including Tending the Garden, Baby StepsNerd Gone Wild, Not So Fast and Upping the Ante. That help can extend beyond college costs to homes, weddings, retirement and inheritances, hence our articles Think Less of MeBetter Than a BikeDreams of Immortality and Off the Payroll.

In 2018, we ran a series of blogs about Alan Cronk’s efforts to teach his son about money, including Baby StepsNo Laughing MatterGenerating InterestGetting Carded, No UseOn His Own and Job One. We also published a popular blog by John Lim on four financial laws he’s endeavoring to teach his kids.

What financial advice should you give to young adults? You might find some ideas in College, Then and NowGetting SchooledTen CommandmentsWasted Youth and Before You Leave. Also check out the money guide’s chapter devoted to life events, where there are sections for newly minted graduates and those starting out as investors.

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