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AUTHOR: Edmund Marsh on 7/04/2024

Several months ago, I wrote of my wife’s and my decision to simplify our financial lives by reducing our investments to the bare minimum. Our thinking is in the same vein as our editor’s, and a number of others in the HumbleDollar community, judging from my recollection of reader comments.

Now, I know that many others have a different opinion of where to place their money, and that’s okay. I’m not implying they’re wrong. Indeed, I freely admit that I don’t know the future, and time may show that their decision is justified. But, given the uncertainties of life, of our health and mental capacity as we age, is the chance of a little more gain worth the risk of greater loss from the gradual erosion of our ability to nimbly manage a complex portfolio?

And what of the present? An interest in investing is, perhaps, the thickest common thread that brings us together here. It’s an intensely interesting hobby for many of us. But with time ticking progressively faster, is it a habit that keeps us from other pursuits that may bring more happiness?

We each have our own answer to that question, but aside from taxes and similar good reasons for keeping the complexities in place, why wait to embrace simplicity?



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