Meet BraggingBucks

Jonathan Clements

GET TO KNOW OUR NEW website: Intended as a sister site to HumbleDollar, the new website is designed for those who can’t quite shake that hankering for market-beating returns.

It’s become clear that notions like indexing, diversification and a sense of contentment have limited appeal—and that many folks want more excitement from their financial life. Perhaps an occasional flier on a hot stock. Or playing the commodities market. Or going from all-stocks to all-cash and then back again.

When you’re ready to move beyond the humdrum index funds favored by HumbleDollar, BraggingBucks will be there to help. Tesla. Leveraged exchange-traded funds. Bitcoin. Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). Market timing. Tesla. Options writing.

BraggingBucks will cover it all with a team of eager young writers, all of whom have learned the ropes at the Robinhood School of Hard Knocks. Such talent doesn’t come cheap. To ensure the new site can afford to hire the best and brightest, we’ve established partnerships with up-and-coming financial firms eager to promote their stock-picking prowess through sponsored blog posts.

Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced markets, it isn’t enough to simply look at our portfolios every month or even every week. We can’t simply buy, hold and hope. That’s why the new site will offer these unique features:

  • Stock of the minute. We’ll generate these recommendations using a proprietary financial model that analyzes momentum, valuations and the potential for our partners to accumulate large stock positions ahead of time, which will then be available for readers to buy.
  • Hourly market forecasts. Using another proprietary model that incorporates cutting-edge algorithms, artificial intelligence, behavioral insights and laser surgery, we’ll generate forecasts with a frequency never before tried on Wall Street.
  • Market-beating newsletters. Accompanying the new website will be nine newsletters, all of which will be initially available at no cost. Each newsletter will be focused on one of the nine U.S. style boxes, such as small-cap value, large-cap blend and mid-cap growth. Each month, we’ll email out our recommended stock picks.

We’re all but certain that at least two or three of the newsletters will outpace the S&P 500 over the next year. We’ll then close down the laggards, while charging a modest $199 a year to continue receiving the market-beating newsletters. We’re confident that this strategy will produce the best past performance that money can buy.

We also plan to launch companion mutual funds with 5.5% sales commissions and 2% annual expenses. Both costs will be a tremendous benefit for fund shareholders, because they’ll create an added incentive for us to try really, really hard to beat the market.

What if the mutual funds falter, the newsletters bomb, the market predictions flop and the stock picks prove to be duds, and we’re hit with a raft of investor complaints? We’ll just remind everybody that it’s April Fool’s Day.

Jonathan Clements is the founder and editor of HumbleDollar. Follow him on Twitter @ClementsMoney and on Facebook, and check out his earlier articles.

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