How We Make Money

HUMBLEDOLLAR STRIVES to deliver conflict-free financial advice that helps everyday Americans make smarter money choices. We cover those costs in two ways:

  • Donations from readers.
  • Advertising. In case you’re wondering, we don’t choose the ads you see. That’s determined by Mediavine, the ad platform we use. Indeed, the ads you’re shown may be totally different from the ones served up to your neighbors.

Equally important, here’s how we don’t make money:

  • We don’t collect referral fees for promoting particular credit cards, brokerage firms or other products and services—a clear conflict of interest. In the site’s early days, we participated in a few affiliate marketing programs, but don’t anymore. We didn’t want readers to worry that those relationships were influencing the articles we ran—and we felt it was wrong to tie the site’s business success to readers buying specific products and services.
  • We never run sponsored blog posts.
  • We don’t sell our newsletter’s email list.
  • We don’t accept payment for inserting links into articles. If you find a link to another site in a HumbleDollar article, it’s there because we think it might be useful to readers.

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