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OUR MAIN OBJECTIVE isn’t to make money with this website—and, so far, we’ve been highly successful in that regard. Instead, we are simply looking to help folks get smarter about their finances. Still, we would like to cover our costs, which include website development, hosting, paying guest bloggers and distributing our free newsletter.

Want to support our work? We run advertisements served up by Google AdSense, so you help simply by visiting the site. If you click on one or two of the ads, all the better. In case you’re wondering, we don’t choose the ads you see. That’s determined by Google AdSense. Indeed, the ads you’re shown on this site may be totally different from the ones served up to your neighbors.

We also participate in Amazon‘s Associates Program, an affiliate marketing program. If you click on this site’s Amazon links and then purchase books or other merchandise, you don’t pay anything extra, but we make a little money. We used to participate in a dozen other affiliate programs, mostly from financial firms, but don’t anymore. We didn’t want readers to worry that those relationships were influencing the articles we ran—and we felt it was wrong to tie this site’s business success to readers buying specific financial products and services.

In case you’re wondering, we never run sponsored blog posts and we don’t sell our newsletter’s email list. We also don’t accept payment for inserting links into articles. If you find a link to another site in a HumbleDollar article, it’s there because we think it might be useful to readers.

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