My senior moment

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AUTHOR: Dennis Friedman on 6/23/2024

On our drive back from our stay in South Dakota, I was feeling pretty good about myself. We didn’t get lost and the trip was going according to plan. Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse monument, Wildlife Loop road, Spearfish Canyon scenic byway and Needles Highway were lots of fun.

I admit, after watching an online video of Needles Highway, I had my doubts that I could drive our rental car, a Toyota Camry, through the Needles Eye Tunnel. The tunnel is only 8’4” wide and 10’10” high. But once we got there, it didn’t look as intimidating. We drove through the tunnel without any problems.

We got a room in Cheyenne, Wyoming as we made our way to Boulder, Colorado. After lunch, I told my wife I was going for a walk. “Be careful it’s windy out there,” she said. I put on my new pair of Apple AirPods Pro, so I can listen to my music while I walk. 

When I went outside, the wind was indeed blowing hard. I thought it might knock me down. Then large raindrops started to fall. I decided I had enough and ran back inside the hotel’s lobby. I realized my music was no longer playing. I grabbed both of my ears and noticed the AirPod in my right ear was missing. The wind must have blown it out of my ear.

I ran outside to find it, but the wind seemed to be blowing even harder. It blew my hat off my head. I would still be chasing it if the wind hadn’t pinned it against the window of a park car. By now, my AirPod was probably half-way across Wyoming. I gave up.

As I made my way back to the hotel, I was disgusted with myself. I should have known better to wear my brand new AirPods in this storm. I paid $250 for them and lost one of them in just a few weeks. I kept telling myself this would not have happened if I was younger. I can’t do anything right any more.

While I was walking back to the hotel with my head down in shame, I noticed this little white object lying in a bed of rocks in front of the hotel. I bent down to get a closer look. It was my AirPod. The rocks must have kept it from blowing away. 

I was lucky this time. But I know it’s just a matter of time before I have another episode with my AirPods, or something else. Instead of  blaming it on my age again, I decided next time not to  be so hard on myself. We should realize as we grow older, mistakes can happen not just when you’re old, but also when you’re young. They are a part of life.

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