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Jonathan Clements

OVER THE PAST FOUR years, readers have a cast an eye on almost 8.8 million of HumbleDollar’s pages. But which have they looked at most often? Below are the 20 most widely read articles since HumbleDollar’s launch at year-end 2016:

  1. Terms of the Trade (2019) by Jim Wasserman
  2. Nobody Told Me (2020) by Jonathan Clements
  3. Farewell Money (2019) by Richard Quinn
  4. He Gets, She Gets (2020) by James McGlynn
  5. Don’t Delay (2020) by Dennis Friedman
  6. The Taxman Cometh (2020) by James McGlynn
  7. Still Learning (2019) by Richard Quinn
  8. Don’t Get an F (2019) by James McGlynn
  9. My Four Goals (2020) by Jonathan Clements
  10. 27 Things to Do Now (2020) by Jonathan Clements
  11. Farewell Yield (2020) by Jonathan Clements
  12. Ten Commandments (2018) by Richard Quinn
  13. Enough Already (2017) by Jonathan Clements
  14. Flunking the Test (2020) by Richard Connor
  15. The Tipping Point (2018) by Jonathan Clements
  16. 12 Investment Sins (2020) by John Lim
  17. This Too Shall Pass (2020) by Richard Connor
  18. Unanswered (2018) by Jonathan Clements
  19. 45 Steps to Success (2019) by Jonathan Clements
  20. The $121,500 Room (2018) by Joel M. Schofer

Among other pages, the three most visited have been—no surprise here—the home page, the main articles page and the main money guide page. Within the money guide, readers have headed most often to the start of the chapters devoted to retirement, the portfolio builder, the financial life planner and investing.

Jonathan Clements is the founder and editor of HumbleDollar. Follow him on Twitter @ClementsMoney and on Facebook. Jonathan’s most recent articles include What Money Can BuyTime Limited and Long Time Coming.

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6 months ago

I find this fascinating! Only one is from 2017 and a handful from 2018. Does that mean that you’ve gained so many new readers in 2019 and 2020 that those pages are near the top just from pure reader volume? Could it be that readers just return to those pages (as I do) a few times and share them with others? No matter the “whys” each of these pages are great and worth a re-read! Thank you!

Jonathan Clements
Jonathan Clements
6 months ago
Reply to  IAD

Yes, a big part of what you’re seeing reflects the growth in site traffic: HumbleDollar has had four times the pageviews in 2020 that it had in 2017. On top of that, far larger sites are more aware of HumbleDollar and more likely to link to our content. In the case of the 20 articles above, many got a big boost because they were promoted by others with big online followings.

6 months ago
Reply to  IAD

I had a similar reaction. I wonder how the list would change after adjusting for readership.
Catchy titles no doubt affect popularity and may have resulted in a list that doesn’t accurately reflect the extent to which readers found the columns informative.

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