What Money Can Buy

Jonathan Clements

YES, MONEY BUYS STUFF—and we all need some stuff. But that’s probably its most prosaic use. Want to make the most of the dollars that pass through your hands? Here are a dozen other things that money can buy:

  1. The warm glow that comes from helping those who are less financially fortunate.
  2. The extra time you purchase by hiring someone to do chores you dislike.
  3. The fun of daydreaming about all the experiences and possessions you might buy.
  4. A sense of immortality when you start a child on a lifetime of investing.
  5. The sheepish pleasure of purchasing a surprise gift for someone you love.
  6. The wonder of looking back and seeing how much your money has grown.
  7. The fond memories that come with buying one small memento on vacation and bringing it home.
  8. The feeling of security you get when you look at the wealth you’ve amassed.
  9. The fun of throwing a really good party.
  10. The sense of generosity you feel when you leave an unusually large tip for those who went out of their way to help you.
  11. The chance to ponder the possibilities—all the ways you might shake up your life and do something entirely different.
  12. Those days when you do solely what you want, rather than what’s necessary to make money.

Jonathan Clements is the founder and editor of HumbleDollar. Follow him on Twitter @ClementsMoney and on Facebook. Jonathan’s most recent articles include Time LimitedLong Time Coming and Next Year Foretold.

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