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I GOT AN EMAIL last month that also went to half-a-dozen other HumbleDollar writers—those of us who have been the site’s most prolific contributors. It came from HumbleDollar’s editor. His request: Please come up with a list of your 10 favorite articles that you’ve written for the site.

I immediately knew what type of article I’d select—ones that weren’t just about personal finance, but rather were about more than money. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

  • Don’t Delay (Nov. 18, 2020). What inspired this article? When COVID-19 was running rampant through the country, I thought I’d made a terrible mistake by putting off my retirement wish list until I was fully retired.
  • Healthy and Wealthy (Sept. 4, 2019). After having lunch with three close friends—two of them with serious health issues—I realized how important our health is in meeting our financial goals.
  • First Impressions (Dec. 4, 2018). I’ve always thought of my parents as my most influential financial teachers. I owe a lot of my success to them.
  • The Short Game (Oct. 5, 2020). I don’t know what got into me, but one day I started spending gobs of money, and I haven’t stopped. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older and my timeline is shorter.
  • More Than Money (June 19, 2018). Before I retired, many of my coworkers kept asking me what I was going to do with all my free time. This article is about having a retirement plan that goes beyond financial issues.
  • Six That Count (Aug. 19, 2021). This piece probably offers the best retirement advice I’ve given to readers in the fewest number of words.
  • One Simple Thing (May 14, 2021). Many years ago, one of my coworkers gave me helpful advice about how to be more productive at work. I used that same advice to better organize my personal finances.
  • Are We There Yet? (Sept. 12, 2019). When I wrote this article, I was feeling pretty good about my retirement. I still do. Here are my 15 signs that a wonderful retirement lies ahead.
  • Treating Ourselves (July 29, 2021). While stuck at home during the pandemic, I would think about some of our weekend getaways. I realized how important they were to my well-being.
  • Be Like Neil Young (Dec. 19, 2018) I had to include this article because I’m a big Neil Young fan. If you want to be successful with your money, be like Neil—and keep it simple.
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