No Complaints

Dennis Friedman

AS A RETIREE WHO HAS traditional Medicare, my health insurance premiums will cost $4,696 this year. That comes to $391 a month. I’ve had no other out-of-pocket costs in 2021, except Medicare Part B’s $203 deductible.

Here’s how much I’m paying in 2021 for each of my health care plans:

  • Traditional Medicare: $148.50 per month or $1,782 total
  • Prescription drug plan: $29.20 per month or $350 total
  • Medigap policy: $213.68 per month or $2,564 total

I know some people are critical of federal-run programs. But I have no complaints about traditional Medicare. I’ve received great coverage and timely service, and I sure needed those this year. For instance, I had a couple of health care issues that required multiple tests, including a CT scan and ultrasound, plus I had physical therapy. All these were performed in a timely manner and without any administrative hiccups.

When I think about it, I also have nothing but good things to say about the Social Security Administration. My checks are always deposited in my checking account on time.

Now, if I could get the same reliable service from my cable television provider, maybe I wouldn’t have to spend so much time on the phone dealing with service and billing issues.

That said, I do have two things on my retirement benefits’ wish list. First, I wish Congress would drop all the political posturing and continue to fund the federal government responsibly, so I can keep getting the same great uninterrupted service from Social Security and Medicare.

Second, I wish Congress would pass a bill that provides Medicare coverage for hearing, vision and dental. I could never figure out why a retiree’s ears, eyes and teeth aren’t covered under traditional Medicare. Are our heads not attached to our bodies?

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