Archie Is Scum

Jonathan Clements

A FINANCIAL PLANNER called Archie Nickel is stealing entire articles from HumbleDollar and posting them to his own site—without permission. In the online world, it’s fine to link to interesting articles elsewhere on the web. But it’s a no-no to swipe entire articles. I’ve endeavored to contact the nefarious Nickel, by posting comments on his site and via Twitter, but he’s ignored my requests to stop purloining this site’s blogs and and to remove the blogs he’s previously stolen.

This is my revenge.

It seems Nickel is taking every article from this site’s RSS feed and automatically adding them to his site. When I hit publish, the headline “Archie Is Scum” will appear on his site. (I subsequently took a screen shot of his homepage. Take a look to the right.)

Happy Friday, Archie.

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