From Here to Financial Happiness

THE WORLD DOESN’T NEED another book that explains investing, home buying, estate planning, insurance and other personal finance issues. Instead, what it needs is a book that takes these issues, gauges the implications for each individual reader, helps readers settle on a plan—and then gets them to act.

From Here to Financial Happiness is that book. It’ll take you on a 77-day journey that tackles your entire financial life, helping you to figure out where you stand, what you hope to achieve and what you need to do. Somedays, the book offers a brief financial lesson. Somedays, you learn about yourself. And somedays, you will need to take a few simple steps. Most day’s reading and activity should devour no more than five or 10 minutes.

In return for that modest effort, you will come to understand your current financial situation—and what you need to do to succeed in the years ahead. The hope: By day 77, you’ll be thinking of money not as a burden, but rather as something that’s integral to your life and that, with a little effort, can make it so much richer.

From Here to Financial Happiness is available from Amazon as a hardcover and Kindle edition. It’s also available elsewhere, including Barnes & Noble, where you can purchase either the hardcover or the Nook edition.

“If you’re interested in improving your financial health or helping someone else repair theirs, run—don’t walk—to get this book.”—Tony Isola, A Teachable Moment

“It’s the first personal finance book I’ve read in quite a while that had me frequently taking notes for my own benefit.”—Mike Piper,

“Jonathan Clements says you can build a happier, more prosperous financial life just by spending five or 10 minutes a day for 77 days. Dubious? I confess I was until I read his new book. Now, I’m a convert.”—Richard Eisenberg,

“Bookstore shelves fairly groan with tomes on how to successfully earn, save and invest. Trouble is, those are the easy part. What’s harder is understanding how your assets impinge on your psyche, and no one has thought and written more deeply on that fraught relationship than Jonathan Clements. From Here to Financial Happiness navigates those turbulent waters better than anything I’ve come across: read, enjoy and profit.”—William Bernstein, author, The Four Pillars of Investing

“If you suspect you would benefit from a private conversation about your money with a genial expert, and who will do all this at your convenience and at almost no cost, this is the book for you—and for those you love.”—Charles Ellis, author, Winning the Loser’s Game

“This interactive investment guide clearly presents the time-tested financial advice you need to achieve your investment goals. What’s unique: It draws the reader into the decision process—and personalizes the best strategy to achieve a richer financial life.”—Burton Malkiel, author, A Random Walk Down Wall Street

“Jonathan Clements has always had a mission to help people achieve financial success and be more thoughtful about their money. His new book guides readers on an interactive journey from financial rules of the game to financial security and, most importantly, to happiness.”—Peter Mallouk, author, The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them

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