Details Matter

Scott Martin

Scott is a semi-retired family medicine physician associate (previously known as a physician assistant) and has been practicing medicine for the past 18 years. His previous career was in academia doing research and teaching at the University of Georgia. He and his wife enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

    Details Matter

    Scott Martin  |  Feb 23, 2024

    FOR THE PAST FOUR years, I’ve been dealing with both a revocable and irrevocable trust that my parents created decades ago. In 2020, I knew little about trusts, and my elderly parents weren’t willing or able to share much information with me. In retrospect, I don’t think they fully understood the details of either trust, instead relying on attorneys and financial advisors.
    Since then, I’ve learned a lot about trusts. I’ve come to feel they’re unnecessarily complicated and allow unscrupulous advisors to take advantage of well-intentioned,

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    Finding Hope

    Scott Martin  |  Sep 13, 2023

    I GOT MARRIED IN 1980 at age 22. After 29 years of marriage, my wife and I went through a contentious divorce in 2009 and 2010. We’d grown apart and, during our last few years of marriage, discussed parting ways.
    I moved out of our marital home of 16 years into an apartment. It was strange to be living by myself again. I was 51 at the time.
    While adjusting to my new reality,

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    Time to Decide

    Scott Martin  |  May 31, 2023

    I’LL BE TURNING 65 this year, so I’ve been researching my Medicare options. Even though I work in health care—and many of my patients are on Medicare—the task of choosing a plan is no less onerous for me.
    I’ve read the information provided on and watched numerous YouTube videos from insurance brokers. These brokers tend to support two types of Medicare coverage. Retirees might opt for a bundle that includes Medicare Part A,

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    Generic Advice

    Scott Martin  |  Apr 27, 2023

    AS A FAMILY MEDICINE physician associate, I frequently meet with patients early in the new year who are upset. The reason: They just learned their medications are no longer covered by their insurance or will cost significantly more than before. Many times, the insurance company will send them a letter providing other options to consider. I work with patients to find a generic substitute that isn’t as costly.
    Several years ago, I had an elderly gentleman in our office one morning complaining that he was having difficulty urinating.

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    On My Shoulders

    Scott Martin  |  Feb 21, 2023

    IN SOME FAMILIES, adult siblings work together to take care of their aging parents. But many times, one adult child ends up doing most, if not all, of the work—which is how things have played out in my family.
    I’m the oldest sibling, and my wife and I took on the task of caring for my octogenarian mother and stepfather after they moved to Georgia from Colorado in 2017. I have a brother and stepbrother who live in other states.

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    Too Trusting

    Scott Martin  |  Jan 10, 2023

    HIGHLY INTELLIGENT people sometimes don’t know much about investing. Still, they can have a misplaced confidence in their own abilities and feel certain they require no help. In the end, it’s often their adult children who sort things out—which, in this particular case, meant me.
    Five years ago, my 84-year-old mother and 85-year-old stepfather moved from the mountains of Colorado to Georgia to live closer to my wife and me. For more than 20 years,

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