Protecting Poppy

Kyle McIntosh

OUR DOG LIKES SOCKS. A few months after Poppy joined our family, she consumed her first sock. Since then, she’s eaten two more. After the first sock was removed, our veterinarian offered some valuable advice: Get pet insurance because Poppy is likely to do this again. Within a few days, we purchased a policy from Healthy Paws for $38 a month. The policy has proven valuable: We’ve had four other unplanned trips to the vet over the past 21 months.

For those considering pet insurance—especially first-time pet owners—here’s why I’d recommend coverage:

  • Ease of use. Everything with Healthy Paws is done through a well-designed app. It was easy to sign up and submit claims. For costs you incur, you simply take a picture of the invoice. It’s then reviewed within a few days. So far, there’s been no pushback on charges we’ve submitted and the insurer has always paid claims—net of deductibles—within a few weeks.
  • Straightforward coverage. I often hold my breath when I receive a medical bill for our family’s health coverage because I’m never sure what’s covered. By contrast, Healthy Paws makes coverage easy to understand. We have a deductible of $250 per year. After that, pet insurance covers 80% of most charges. So far, all tests, treatments and prescriptions have been covered.
  • Good return on investment. We saw pet insurance as a safety net that would provide peace of mind. We never thought we’d see a positive return on investment. But so far, our premiums have been $800, while the insurance has covered $1,500 in claims. That recovery rate of 188% is well above the industry average of 70%. We hope our recovery rate is much lower in the future. That said, it’s good to know we’re covered if Poppy gets a hankering for another sock.

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