Writing for Our Site

INTERESTED IN WRITING for us? Here are the ground rules:

  • Before putting pen to paper, email a brief description of your idea to Jonathan(at) We’ll let you know within a few days whether we’re interested.
  • HumbleDollar does not accept sponsored content or guest articles with affiliate marketing links. And, please, don’t pretend to be a writer simply looking to get published and then try to sneak in links to sites that are paying you a kickback. You aren’t that desperate for a few bucks, are you?
  • Most HumbleDollar readers are in or near retirement, reasonably affluent and heavily invested in index funds. They’re intensely interested in retirement issues, including the financial journey to retirement, what makes for a fulfilling retirement, generating retirement income, managing taxes, spending in retirement, relocating, Medicare, long-term care and estate planning. Less popular are articles geared toward younger readers and those which tackle topics such as saving for college, career advice and active portfolio management. That said, the site is always happy to publish well-written, engaging articles that have a financial angle, even if they don’t touch on retirement.
  • Preferably, articles should talk about a financial issue you have faced—and how you dealt with it. You may not have credibility as a financial guru. But if you write about an issue that you personally have grappled with, you’ll have instant credibility simply because you’ve experienced it. Uncomfortable discussing your own finances? HumbleDollar isn’t the right venue for your writing.
  • Articles typically run 700 to 1,000 words, while blog posts are around 300 to 600 words. Expect to be edited and perhaps heavily edited. Nothing will appear until you’ve had a chance to review it. Once you approve an article for publication, you can’t subsequently withdraw the piece.
  • Want to be edited less heavily? Check out our style guide.
  • HumbleDollar no longer offers payment to those who write for the site. Sorry.
  • If one of your articles or blog posts appears on HumbleDollar, please share it via Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform you use.

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