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Mike Zaccardi

I BEGAN WRITING for HumbleDollar in early 2020. As a market junkie, but one who’s also deeply curious about personal finance, I was already a regular reader of the site.

Since then, I’ve contributed roughly 140 pieces. My articles and blog posts often focus on the financial markets and long-term investing, with a nod toward the financial independence movement. What do my 10 favorite posts have in common? They’re mostly focused on macro trends and my own financial journey.

  • If Only (Jan. 13, 2020). I stumbled upon an old savings bond in early 2020 that yielded a modest rate. That got me thinking about the returns that might have been if the money had instead been invested in stocks.
  • Reading the Signs (July 14, 2020). This summer 2020 article, penned when baseball stadiums were empty due to COVID-19, discussed several market indicators I use to assess both the economy and my portfolio. While most data are best disregarded, a few signals matter in my playbook.
  • Which Road? (Feb. 19, 2021). I put my feet up on the HumbleDollar couch in early 2021, outlining possible paths I might venture down following my departure from fulltime employment. Truth be told, I’m still figuring it out.
  • Vive La Difference (Aug. 23, 2021). HumbleDollar started publishing shorter blog posts during the second half of 2021. These pieces were a good vehicle for me, given my limited attention span. Putting on my analyst hat, I dug into the sector breakdown of different stock market regions.
  • Parents Know Best (Sept. 2, 2021). While not hugely wealthy, my parents managed to save enough to fund a decent retirement that should soon begin. Their recent kitchen upgrade also earned a thumbs up from me.
  • Dinner Is Served (Sept. 15, 2021). I love a great ribeye steak and enjoy learning about retirement planning. In this blog post, I describe some of the strategies that advisors use to hook new clients at those infamous steak dinners.
  • Christmas in October (Oct. 9, 2021). Supply chain disruptions and goods shortages were major concerns heading into the 2021 holiday season. I urged consumers to shop early that year. While those logistical snafus have now been largely resolved, higher prices have—unfortunately—stuck around.
  • Out of Reach (Feb. 2, 2022). Among 2022’s most troubling financial events was how unaffordable housing became for first-time buyers. Even when mortgage rates were under 4%, real estate was expensive.
  • Sites Worth Seeing (March 30, 2022). My former students and current investment-writing colleagues often ask what my favorite investment websites are. Here I describe my go-to sites.
  • Cash No Longer Trash (Aug. 1, 2022). With so much financial gloom in 2022, higher interest rates on short-term cash accounts emerged as a bright spot, and they remain so today. In this blog post, I noted that money market fund yields would be on the rise.

This is the second installment in a series devoted to the favorite articles and blog posts penned by HumbleDollar’s most prolific writers. The first installment was from Dennis Friedman.

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