Missing in Action

Jonathan Clements

SINCE EARLY JANUARY, this site has published a series of essays every Saturday, each from a different HumbleDollar writer. The theme: my money journey. The essays, 30 in all, will appear in a book of the same name, which will be published by Harriman House in March 2023. With this blog post, you get a sneak peak at the book’s cover.

As you might imagine, the book has meant a lot of work for the writers involved—and a ton of editing for me, with an able assist from HumbleDollar’s deputy editor, Greg Spears, and also some help from Joe Kiefer. Earlier this week, I finished editing essay No. 28. That means I have one more essay to edit (you know who you are), and then my own essay and the book’s introduction to write, plus some fine-tuning to do.

I don’t mention this just to whet your appetite for the book to come. I’ve also been receiving a surprising number of emails, asking whether I’ve fallen ill or departed the site for greener pastures. Rest assured: I’m still here.

While I haven’t had time to do much of my own writing in recent months, everything that appears on the site passes through my laptop. Yes, I edit every piece of content that HumbleDollar publishes. I don’t necessarily agree 100% with every article by every writer. But I wouldn’t allow an article to appear unless I thought it had something of value to say—and I certainly wouldn’t publish anything if I thought its advice was wrongheaded.

Meanwhile, look for more pieces penned by me starting in June. Until then, enjoy the articles and blog posts by HumbleDollar’s other writers. Frankly, given their quality, I’m surprised I’m missed.

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