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Sanjib Saha

WHEN I MOVED to the U.S. for work, a friend graciously helped me settle in. He shared many useful tips, one of which was to become a Costco member. I’m glad I heeded my friend’s advice. I’ve saved thousands of dollars over the years and found the store’s service to be exceptional.

In recent years, my Costco shopping has expanded to include not just everyday purchases, but also luxury items, gas, tires, electronics and vacations. I bought a piece of jewelry from the warehouse this year to surprise my wife on her milestone birthday. Thanks to the no-fuss return policy, she was able to exchange it for another ring that fit better.

Recently, we needed to replace our washer and dryer. I checked out Costco’s online store—something I’ve rarely used. I found models that were highly rated by Consumer Reports. The price was higher than I’d hoped, but it included delivery, installation and hauling away the old machines. I went ahead and placed the order.

In a few days, I got the delivery confirmation and a two-hour window for the delivery. The crew showed up on time. In less than an hour, the new appliances were installed and running.

The next week, I had to go online again to download the manuals. To my surprise, I noticed a 25% price drop on the same models that I’d purchased. I was disappointed to miss the promotion, but I also had a feeling that Costco would somehow make it right.

Indeed, Costco has a price adjustment policy for people in my situation. If an item goes on promotion within 30 days of purchase, Costco refunds the difference. All I had to do was fill out a simple online form. The refund appeared on my credit card account in three days. No questions asked.

No wonder the company is doing so well.

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