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Jonathan Clements

WHEN I LAUNCHED this site at year-end 2016, my main goal was to take my money guide—which I’d previously published as an annually updated book—and make it freely available. I also planned to keep blogging once a week and run occasional articles by other folks. Beyond that, my plans were vague: I viewed HumbleDollar as a part-time venture—one of many I was then involved with.

Since then, the site has exploded. Traffic has tripled over the past two years, and the site now consumes 60 hours a week of my time. Every day, we post a new article, as well as a host of other features. And it is indeed “we”: The site has dozens of contributors.

As HumbleDollar has grown, so too—alas—have our costs. Most months, we lose money (and, no, I don’t pay myself a salary). There’s a host of ways to monetize a financial site, but I’m uncomfortable with many of them, because they create an ethical quagmire.

After much navel-gazing—and some prodding from readers—I’ve decided to seek donations. If that catches on, my intention is to start removing advertising from the site. My hope: One day, HumbleDollar will be supported 100% by contributions from readers.

At that point, we will—I believe—be unique: A free financial website run solely for the benefit of readers that’s supported solely by reader donations. Sound like a worthy goal? Please donate.

Follow Jonathan on Twitter @ClementsMoney and on Facebook. His most recent articles include Cover Me and Singled Out. Jonathan’s latest books: From Here to Financial Happiness and How to Think About Money.

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