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Jonathan Clements  |  May 2, 2019

WHEN I LAUNCHED this site at year-end 2016, my main goal was to take my money guide—which I’d previously published as an annually updated book—and make it freely available. I also planned to keep blogging once a week and run occasional articles by other folks. Beyond that, my plans were vague: I viewed HumbleDollar as a part-time venture—one of many I was then involved with.

Since then, the site has exploded. Traffic has tripled over the past two years, and the site now consumes 60 hours a week of my time. Every day, we post a new article, as well as a host of other features. And it is indeed “we”: In addition to almost a dozen regular contributors, I’ve roped my wife Lucinda into helping me run the site.

As HumbleDollar has grown, so too—alas—have our costs. Most months, we lose money (and, no, I don’t pay myself a salary). There’s a host of ways to monetize a financial site, but I’m uncomfortable with many of them, because they create an ethical quagmire.

After much navel-gazing—and some prodding from readers—I’ve decided to seek donations. If that catches on, my intention is to start removing advertising from the site. My hope: One day, HumbleDollar will be supported 100% by contributions from readers.

At that point, we will—I believe—be unique: A free financial website run solely for the benefit of readers that’s supported solely by reader donations. Sound like a worthy goal? Please donate.

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HumbleDollar makes money in three ways: It accepts donations, it runs advertisements served up by Google AdSense and it participates in Amazon‘s Associates Program, an affiliate marketing program. If you click on this site’s Amazon links and purchase books or other merchandise, you don’t pay anything extra, but we make a little money.

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