Credit Card Perks

CREDIT CARDS DON’T just offer rewards. They also offer a slew of perks, many of which aren’t heavily promoted, so you may be unaware of them. Check to see whether your credit cards offer these benefits:

  • Extended warranties on items you purchase with the card.
  • Price protection if you buy an item and then see it advertised at a lower price soon after.
  • Protection if an item you buy quickly breaks or is lost or stolen.
  • Assistance if you have a dispute with a retailer over, say, the quality of something you purchased. A credit card representative may be able to help get your money back.
  • Discounts if you buy items through the credit card’s website.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance. The insurance may pay out if you are injured or killed in an accident that occurs while on a trip that was paid for with the credit card.
  • Travel emergency assistance, including help with lost luggage and possibly even compensation for the items lost.
  • Rental car insurance may be provided by your credit card. You may also be covered for rental cars by your auto insurer.
  • Roadside assistance, including towing, tire changing and jumpstarting a battery, though you will likely pay a fee for these services.
  • Concierge services, such as help getting tickets to shows or making restaurant reservations.

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