The Right Portfolio

DO YOU HAVE THE correct mix of stocks, bonds and other investments? Here are 11 signs you’re on the right track:

1. You’re so well diversified that you always own at least one disappointing investment.

2. Your livelihood isn’t riding on both your paycheck and your employer’s stock.

3. If the stock market’s performance over the next five years was miserable, you wouldn’t be.

4. You can remember the last time you rebalanced.

5. You have no clue how your investments will perform, but a great handle on how much they’ll cost you.

6. You don’t have any hot stocks to boast about.

7. For every dollar you’ve salted away, you have an eventual use in mind—and the dollars are invested accordingly.

8. Jim Cramer? Who’s that?

9. A year from now, you plan to own the same investments.

10. You never say to yourself, “Wow, I didn’t expect that.”

11. You take tax losses when they’re available—but they aren’t available very often.

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