img_1597IS JONATHAN CLEMENTS: a) a children’s book author; b) a writer on East Asian history; c) a financial writer; or d) the author of erotic books? The answer is, all of the above—but they aren’t all the same Jonathan Clements (though it seems they all hail from England).

East Asia historian Clements is a prolific author who has penned a slew of fiction and nonfiction books, including histories of Mao Zedong, Marco Polo and the Vikings, and has a keen interest in anime. You can learn more at his website, the Official Schoolgirl Milky Crisis.

Clements the children’s book author put out a raft of books in the 1970s and 1980s. As a schoolboy in England, the founder of HumbleDollar even recalls reading one of his books, entitled Crazy But True.img_1595

Finally, erotic Clements wrote such books as Keep it KinkySock It to Me, Alice and Dearest Mummy, I’ve Been Ravaged. (No, we aren’t making this up). Apparently, he and the children’s book author are one and the same. (We aren’t making that up, either.) After a spell as a writer of erotic fiction, he turned his hand to children’s books. We received an email from his niece, saying he died in the late 1990s.

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