The predatory nature of T. Rowe Price (TRP) when trying access to my parents assets

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AUTHOR: Nivek Mah on 6/22/2024

Below is a copy of a review I left on trust pilot. It’s hardly any consolation that I was not the only person to experience their deceptive tactics. See link below: (

This review is in response to T.Rowe Price’s (TRP) concerted efforts to prevent me from getting access to my parents assets after their passing. As an executor and trustee I had full and legal rights to these funds. My estate attorney was “quite frankly ASTOUNDED” by their refusal to share information with me in spite of my status of trustee. The tactics used to inhibit access were as follows: TRP representatives NEVER provide customers with their last name or phone numbers so you could subsequently contact them. They only provided the main switchboard number. This totally prevents you from contacting the same person directly for follow-up. They NEVER provide case numbers or confirmations numbers, and refused to let me speak with their supervisors. They repeatedly provided incorrect information when providing directions on how to fill out forms. They made several mistakes on the various account registration causing tax nightmares.


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