Cheap to Cheaper

Mike Zaccardi

BORED ONE WEEKEND, I took up actor Ryan Reynolds on his offer to switch cellphone carriers. Frugal guy that I am, I’d been a loyal Republic Wireless subscriber for several years before my recent change. My new plan is on the Mint Mobile platform.

Perhaps you’ve seen Mint’s commercials on NFL Sunday or when perusing YouTube videos, with its offer of four gigabytes of data with unlimited text and calls. This will cost me a measly $201 a year, including taxes and fees. That isn’t a huge savings from Republic’s service, which costs $243 all-in, but the three extra gigabytes are a nice feature, so I don’t have to be mindful of going over my data limit and incurring fees.

I’m not advocating readers switch to this ultra-low-cost cellphone plan provider to save such a paltry sum. So far, however, I’m quite pleased with the no-frills and dirt-cheap service Mint delivers. The transition from Republic to Mint was also easy. Mint sent me a kit with a SIM card. I popped it in and was off to the races after just a few hours of being without service.

Kudos to Republic, though. My former carrier was kind enough to reimburse the few weeks of coverage I’d already paid for when I went to cancel. In an economy with rising prices everywhere, it’s great that a cellphone bill can be so small.

If you’re in the market for a new, lower-cost cellphone plan, consider Mint. What shall I do with the whopping $42 annual cost cut? Maybe I’ll embark on one of my favorite indulgences—a trip to the Brazilian steakhouse.

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