What financial topic do you find most confusing?

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16 days ago

Decumulation in general; and within that, minimizing taxation.

Second place goes to various portfolio strategies, both asset allocation and asset location. KISS works ok – BH 3 funds. But backtesting tells me my robo is beating the 3 fund portfolio and doing TLH along the way, too. So as we move into decumulation and reading up on various safe/variable withdrawal strategies, I find the whole AA theory a bit challenging. Maybe I’m overthinking it (likely).

Rick Connor
Rick Connor
25 days ago

Money – money supply, international exchange rates, fiat currency, … The math isn’t hard, but it’s not always intuitive.

Anika Hedstrom
Anika Hedstrom
28 days ago

Insurance products. When clients come to me with complex annuities and other type of insurance products, it can take hours to try and unravel helpful information and even more time/strategy to try and get them out of the product, if at all.

Ben Rodriguez
Ben Rodriguez
1 month ago

The Net Unrealized Appreciation strategy is a contender. But the DW and I should have some time to figure it out.

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