What do you need for a fulfilling retirement?

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Mike Drak
Mike Drak
7 days ago

A fulfilling retirement is based on a mix of a few things. Being surrounded by loving family and friends, being in good health, finding your tribe(s), spirituality, having a good attitude and having a source of purpose(s). It’s all about finding a good way to satisfy your needs, values and wants. The challenge is that most retirees do not know what they are.

elaine thomas
elaine thomas
15 days ago

While it would indeed be wonderful to travel, volunteer, spend quality time with family and friends etc., none of the aforementioned would be possible without good health. The ability to walk and remain active, engage intelligently with others, learn new things, and most importantly remember my loved ones would be enough for me to have a fulfilling retirement. And yes, having enough retirement income would be good too. But I’d rather have good health (body and brain) over money any day. 

Sanjib Saha
Sanjib Saha
17 days ago
  • Enjoyable work and activities to keep me occupied
  • Spend time with close friends and families, where-ever they live
  • Ability to travel and be away for as long as I want to
  • Mental assurance that money won’t constrain any of these

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