What aspect of Wall Street do you find most distasteful?

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8 months ago

Ambiguity, disparity and hypocrisy. I find them all equally weighted and any investor can supply the proper comments for each.

John Wood
John Wood
9 months ago

That they push for dereguluation, or non-regulation (think derivatives markets) at every turn, and then lay the flaming bag of excrement on the taxpayer’s door when they screw up royally because of excessive risk taking. They then move on with their massive severance packages, with nary a one suffering a consequence for their stupidity (except, maybe, the gang at Lehman).

1 year ago

Easily the near-institutional lack of legal accountability on the part of VC and private equity to leverage employee pensions and benefits as collateral to knowingly load up debt knowing that it’s likely to cripple a company. Then to walk away having pocketed short term profits while leaving rank and file employees jobless and broken. I can’t help but think there are legislative and regulatory means to significantly limit this from occurring, but suspect that these very very deep pockets have paid handsomely for elected officials to facilitate their practices.

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