“Free” you say. I’m thinking maybe that’s not accurate. 🤑

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AUTHOR: R Quinn on 6/27/2024

I was just on Threads and read a discussion about tipping. One person from the U.K. noted that they don’t tip. It’s not up to customers to pay servers wages he said. Really? I’m guessing the expense of those wages are built in the price of food. In other European countries a close look at the bill shows a service charge. We all tip, one way or another.

Then you have the folks from Canada or U.K. who brag about their free health care. Even in the US there are those who desire a free health care system. No taxes, no tradeoffs in convenience levels or perhaps wait times? I’m all for it.

I travel all the toll roads free in the US. I fly through every toll booth not paying a dime. Even when EZ Pass replenishes my account by charging my credit card I don’t see it so it must be free, right?

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