March’s Hits

Jonathan Clements

WHAT WERE FOLKS reading on HumbleDollar last month? Here are the 10 articles and blog posts that garnered the most pageviews during March:

  • “During our working years, the usual goal is to minimize our tax bill each year,” notes Adam Grossman. “But in retirement, the objective is different: It’s to minimize our total lifetime tax bill.”
  • “Perhaps the key to my happy retirement was not planning what I’d do in retirement,” says Dick Quinn. “Don’t try to plan your way to contentment. Just grab every opportunity that makes you happy.”
  • Retirees must confront a slew of risks, including family financial demands, failing health, inflation, scams, overspending and market downturns. Sundar Mohan Rao lists just nine of the perils that seniors face.
  • Want a successful retirement, financially and otherwise? Dan Haylett says the key might be continuing to work full-time or part-time—for seven compelling reasons.
  • What’s the most important thing to do financially? As Adam Grossman explains, it depends which season of your financial life you’re in.
  • Why make extra-principal payments early in a mortgage’s life? No, it isn’t because you earn some extraordinary annual return. Rather, it’s because those payments can bring hefty financial relief at the end of the loan.
  • Should you aim to leave your children an inheritance? As Dick Quinn discovered, many folks consider that a bad idea.
  • “We might find ourselves alone one day, with no trusted acquaintances close by,” notes Dennis Friedman. “Getting a financial advisor on board now seems like a wise move.”
  • Intrigued by qualified charitable distributions? Chris Cagle explains how they work—and what they meant for his 2023 tax bill.
  • “Recency bias causes us to look backward—to assume that what happened yesterday will happen again tomorrow,” notes Adam Grossman. “That can lead investors to do the opposite of what would be best.”

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