July’s Hits

Jonathan Clements

WHAT INTRIGUED readers during the steamy days of July? Here are last month’s most popular articles:

  • Many retirees resist taking out a reverse mortgage because of the stigma involved. Get over it, advises Mike Drak.
  • “One clear takeaway: Only collect things for enjoyment rather than as an investment,” says John Yeigh. “Another is that the sale of a long-term collection can be annoyingly time-consuming.”
  • If you just received a financial windfall or you’re planning to leave one to your heirs, check out the six pointers from Adam Grossman.
  • Many pension plans are underfunded, but one has assets that are triple its obligations, says Greg Spears. The credit belongs to Warren Buffett.
  • Want to put your portfolio on the right track—or make sure you aren’t off course? Adam Grossman answers nine key investment questions.
  • Steve Abramowitz has owned 30 rental properties over the past four decades. His contention: Being a compassionate landlord isn’t just the ethical thing to do. It’s also financially smart.
  • Nobody likes to sell when the financial markets are down sharply. But Adam Grossman says there are at least four situations where it might make sense to do so.

What about our shorter blog posts? Last month’s most popular included my pieces on Take a Bow and Keep the Faith, Richard Quinn’s All Shook UpMan Overboard and How Are We Doing, Mike Drak’s Nun Sense and Kristine Hayes’s Didn’t Last Long.

Meanwhile, July’s most popular newsletters included my articles on Now and ThenChanged by the Trip and Neglected Ideas, and Kristine Hayes on saying Farewell Paycheck.

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