April’s Hits

Jonathan Clements, 2:49 am ET

TWO YEARS AGO, during the early days of the pandemic, there were fears we’d see deflation. Today, the big fear is inflation—which helps explain last month’s two most popular articles on HumbleDollar:

  • If you buy Series I savings bonds, you could earn 8.5% over the next year. John Lim offers five intriguing ways to take advantage of that mouth-watering yield.
  • This year, John Lim has slashed his portfolio’s allocation to bonds from 15% to 5.5%. Why? He offers five key reasons—with inflation worries dominating the list.
  • “Start planning your phased retirement,” advises Dan McDermott. “If you put off exploring other interests, like travel and adult learning, you may find someday you have little energy left to embrace them.”
  • How about a 207,200% marginal tax rate? Rick Connor looks at how a single dollar of extra income can trigger a huge tax bill.
  • “Each year, I compare my total withdrawals to my investment balance,” writes Howard Rohleder. “I want to see how my actual withdrawals compare to the magical 4% figure.”
  • Planning to leave money to your heirs in a trust? Adam Grossman details some key issues to consider.
  • Early retiree Joe Kiefer faces an annual dilemma: Should he use his low tax bracket to realize investment gains—or should he keep his income low so he qualifies for a larger Obamacare tax credit?

Meanwhile, among our shorter blog posts, the best read were James McGlynn’s Fending Off Inflation, John Goodell’s Wrote and Grew Rich, my piece on Sick and Tired, Mike Drak’s Favorite Ideas, Michael Flack’s Off the Hook and Mike Zaccardi’s Let Others Despair.

What about our twice weekly newsletters? The three most popular were Andrew Small’s Don’t Fall in Love, Jim Kerr’s Look Before Leaping and Dick Quinn’s Driven to Succeed.

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Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons
21 days ago

Not everyone was predicting deflation. In fact, as soon as we learned about the trillions in stimulus and the Fed’s plans to buy junk bonds, my son and I started buying i-Bonds for the first time. That was April 2020. By the time i-Bonds became the rage, we had already accumulated a large position (with other family members). For us, the writing was on the wall. In this case it was Milton Friedman’s. “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon…”

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