April’s Hits

Jonathan Clements  |  May 4, 2021

WHAT CAUGHT YOUR attention last month? Here are the seven most popular articles that we published in April:

  • “You need a mix of stocks, bonds and other asset classes that aren’t tightly correlated,” writes Adam Grossman. “As you think about the risk posed by today’s stock prices, this is, I think, the most important thing.”
  • Mike Drak says there are three types of retiree. “What type are you?” he asks. “If you can answer that question, you’ve taken a crucial step toward a happier retirement.”
  • Inflation. Divorce. Taxes. Investment costs. Reckless investing. John Goodell looks at the mathematics of financial misfortune. It isn’t pretty.
  • “I was watching TV and heard a teaser for that evening’s nightly news that went something like: ‘Local financial advisor scams gold investors’,” recalls Mike Flack. “I almost crapped my pants.”
  • Jim and Jiab Wasserman moved back to Texas after three years in Spain. Their goal: Buy a car, furniture and all the other possessions that make life possible—and spend no more than $10,000.
  • Has this year’s financial market turmoil left you feeling uncertain? Dennis Friedman offers nine pointers.
  • Meet HumbleDollar’s new sister site,, designed for investors who can’t quite shake that hankering for market-beating returns.

Meanwhile, the two best-read newsletters were Risk Less Make More and Hanging Tough. What about our Voices section? In April, the most popular questions asked which everyday purchases do people consider a bargain, and what percentage of a stock portfolio should be invested abroad.

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Rick Connor
Rick Connor
14 days ago

I’m still looking for the link to

Jonathan Clements
Jonathan Clements
14 days ago
Reply to  Rick Connor

It could be a long wait….

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