March’s Hits

Jonathan Clements  |  April 5, 2021

WHAT WERE FOLKS reading last month? These were the seven most widely read articles:

  • Planning a post-pandemic spending spree? So is Dennis Friedman—but, even though he’s retired, he’s not worried about running out of money.
  • “You don’t truly know someone until you’ve seen his or her tax return,” plus 11 other financial planning truths, courtesy of the always insightful Adam Grossman.
  • Confident that U.S. stocks are in a bubble? Next comes the hard part, says Adam Grossman: figuring out what to do.
  • Should you fund the 401(k), prepay the mortgage, build up an emergency fund or stash your dollars elsewhere? Rick Connor offers his take on the hierarchy of savings.
  • When he turns age 70 later this year, Dennis Friedman will claim Social Security, the final piece of his retirement puzzle. Here are the five questions he asked as he wrapped up his planning.
  • At age 33, Mike Zaccardi is financially independent, thanks in part to saving 90% of his post-tax income in recent years. Mike’s response: “Big whoop.”
  • What happens if you rely on the car rental insurance offered by your credit card—and you have an accident? Mike Flack found out.

What about our weekly newsletters? March’s most popular were Nine Roads to Ruin and Blowing Bubbles. Meanwhile, the site’s new Voices section has garnered a healthy audience, but the vast majority of folks, alas, read but don’t comment. The question that, so far, has intrigued readers the most: What purchase do you most regret?

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