January’s Hits

Jonathan Clements  |  February 4, 2020

AT THE BEGINNING of the year, many of us resolve to get our finances in shape, which means January is always a busy month at HumbleDollar. What were folks reading? Here are last month’s seven most popular articles:

  • First, do no harm: John Lim lists 12 deadly sins that every investor should strive to avoid.
  • Should you give up on the tried-and-true mix of 40% government bonds and 60% stocks because bond yields are so low? No way, says Adam Grossman.
  • Why do investors persist in trying to beat the market? Drawing on the work of behavioral finance expert Meir Statman, Robin Powell lists eight key reasons.
  • When Mike Zaccardi was born, his parents bought him a series EE savings bond. Things would have turned out so much better with stocks. Or would they?
  • Want to avoid Medicare premium surcharges? James McGlynn discusses IRMAA, the scourge of high-income retirees—and how to keep her at bay.
  • How many different ways can we mess up financially? To complement his earlier list of investment sins, John Lim offers a dozen personal finance sins that we should all strive to avoid.
  • “Personal finance is bedeviled by paradoxes, so no individual—no matter how rational—can always make optimal decisions,” argues Adam Grossman, who cites seven conundrums.

Meanwhile, January’s most popular newsletters were Opening the Spigot and Just in Time.

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