November’s Hits

Jonathan Clements  |  December 2, 2019

BEEN DISTRACTED by Thanksgiving? Maybe it’s time to catch up on your reading—by checking out last month’s seven most popular articles:

  • Are you on Medicare and own a Medigap policy? James McGlynn argues that Plan G is the way to go—assuming you can qualify.
  • “There’s no need to think about my money because, according to Carl, I’m not going to run out,” writes Dennis Friedman. “For the first time in my life, I realize I’m financially secure.”
  • Approaching age 65, when you’ll be eligible for Medicare? James McGlynn explains how to avoid both permanently higher Medicare premiums and a little-known penalty for funding a health savings account.
  • “Our careful and frugal life together was over,” writes Catherine Horiuchi, recounting her husband’s sudden death—and the five lessons she learned.
  • American pilot Jerry Kelly died over Germany in 1944. He left behind 220 letters—and those letters offer seven invaluable life lessons, says his great-nephew Ryan Kelly.
  • “Don’t measure yourself against your neighbors or your friends, because what you see is just part of the story—and that part may be awfully deceptive,” says Adam Grossman.
  • Hoping to bequeath money to your children or charity? Adam Grossman offers some tips—so you do more good than harm.

Meanwhile, November’s most popular newsletters were Cash Back and Signal Failure.

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