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Jonathan Clements  |  December 27, 2019

IT’S BEEN THREE years since I launched this site—and I’m still not very good at guessing which articles will attract readers and which will go largely unnoticed. Partly, it’s the nature of the internet: The articles that rack up the most page views are often those that get promoted on other sites, and I have no control over that.

Still, I think the top 20 articles from HumbleDollar’s first three years make an intriguing list, all offering either great insights or lively writing, and often both. It may sound perverse, but I take pride in the fact that—of the five most popular articles—not one was written by me. HumbleDollar has become a place to showcase the stories and ideas of folks who enjoy writing about personal finance, but who often have no other connection to Wall Street.

  1. Terms of the Trade
  2. Farewell Money
  3. Still Learning
  4. Don’t Get an F
  5. Ten Commandments
  6. The Tipping Point
  7. Enough Already
  8. Unanswered
  9. The $121,500 Room
  10. 45 Steps to Success
  11. Over Coffee
  12. Second Childhood
  13. Retiring: 10 Questions
  14. Oracle of Boston
  15. ObliviousInvestor
  16. Making a Difference
  17. Ten Commandments
  18. Yes, It’ll Happen
  19. Best Investment 2018
  20. Cash Back

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