Double Feature

Jonathan Clements  |  October 8, 2018

THE INTERNATIONAL edition of my 2016 book, How to Think About Money, was published today by Harriman House in the U.K. Another book, you ask? Yes, this is indeed my second book launch in as many months. In September, John Wiley & Sons published my eighth personal finance book, From Here to Financial Happiness.

For the new edition of How to Think About Money, I updated a host of numbers, added some recent research findings and tweaked the various chapters, so they’re less focused on the U.S. and more relevant to a global audience. You can see the contents page and initial chapters by clicking here.

My agreement with the folks at Harriman allows them to sell the new edition everywhere, except the U.S. and Canada. Still, I figure some HumbleDollar readers might want a copy of the book, not least because of the super-cool cover. You can purchase the international edition of How to Think About Money directly from Harriman for £12.99, equal to a little under $17.

Problem is, if you’re outside the U.K., Harriman will likely charge you £4.50 for international shipping. To offset that cost, I asked Harriman for a special discount for HumbleDollar readers. If you buy from the Harriman website, you can use this promo code during checkout: H2TAMoffer. That’ll save you £4.50. The promo code is good through Nov. 5.

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